An Ice Cube Relates to Love

water boils and gets freezed
just like emotions in a speed
too much would make both vaporised or melt
water is normal …in emotional belt

The Parking Poet

An Ice Cube Relates to Love
By David Smith June 16, 2015

An ice cube floats in water
as it clangs against the glass
The clarity of reflection
in a posh hotel of class

The purity of the water,
the ice cubes slowly melt
It’s the simple things in nature
that is so very heart-felt

The condensation on the glass
and the ice cubes melt within
What we observe in life
can put emotions in a spin

So think back to basics
H Two Oh we find
The necessity in life
to nourish all mankind.

Therefore; keeping life simplistic,
the basic’s all we need
It all boils down to love,
to quench the thirst in deed.

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