History repeats itself :)

Many things happens..repeatedly and we need that too. Sun rise and sunsets..we need that..otherwise..how can we get another chance..when there is no more dawns for us..We love to get the seasons..Spring ..Summer..Autumn and Winter..each got a flavor..we want to live all seasons. People those who are on the road or at office..you like to nod to them as you pass by…twinkle in eyes..a smile that sometimes reaches heart..others can tell ..when I am very happy..they say my eyes sparkle..like diamonds..well that was an exaggeration..but my  husband says..when I am happy.. i dance..me? when..he could feel my shoulder move ..my hands too…a hum on my lips…and I turn to apply a lipstick…which will not last too long..if your husband is at home..it is gone..but that’s why I put it  in the first place. I am so very thoughtful 🙂

well.. coming back to history..it was my husbands birthday on 16th and he wanted a gift..I already gave him wheels for his car, a ladder..a drill machine.Perhaps a dryer ?

But he does not like all this for a birthday gift ..he wants a proper gift..I told him..you got time..think about it , till next year and I will give it…making history..I hope its within a reasonable budget.


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