wars or peace

In this changing world order, where countries are getting ruined with bombs and shells. Where migrant populations are welcomed and shunned. In this world , where dictatorship is questioned but still the rule dictates. How free are we? The constant nagging of pollution and petroleum is drummed..nuclear war is a threat..and countries are getting dismembered and burned..yet we play games and watch movies as if no one has died. each second someone is killed..and we are told and shown..are we alive or  dead..but a zombie..without a heart..brain is working..so much for destroying weapons of mass destruction and ..the real waepon was ..yes..just to spread  to ignite a war within..and that was like an invisible bomb..which was planted and exploded..that left most of the people homeless..tragedy ..Shakespeare could have written so passionately about…poets could have described the wounds  and humiliations..but a war is not for any celebration or a topic to make a new blockbuster..it is a scary thing..no one wins a war..but everyone sins during a war..those who watched and didn’t do anything are as guilty as those who created war in name of peace…what do you think…war or peace?


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