Will Zero Carbon House work?

Yes , in Bangladesh it will , if we are able to make it happen within affordability.Just as mobile phone became popular, so will Energy from waste and Solar power.

Electricity and gas supply are two major issues that are not even resolved within cities, so rural areas are locations where this idea can be implemented. Firstly, there are still vast fields available , there houses are having pitched roof that can hold solar panels, they have farms , poultry where waste is generated in appreciable quantity. So , let us assume raw material to launch ZCB at rural site is inviting.

The idea must float , as being a zero maintenance system, once installed  electricity is sufficiently produced, used and stored. The cooking part is also taken care of, through bio-gas stoves making sustainable system for upgrading. There are not many roads still and we can avoid making asphalt surfaces , through other communication modes..

I am hopeful it will work, without any major investment ..except one “Honesty and transparency” in selecting the system, installation and running. We, need to be honest in it’s guaranteed performance…rural population will be more than happy to get it installed.

The main grid will be relieved and no more gas connections will be sought by users..what a bright future prediction..and it is not a fantasy..it is real..


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