Aaaah and hmmmm

Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh ..yes :)…
I am a woman..100% so I am always eager about ..hmmm got that right :
Since, I am matured and did read the sex advice section at Cosmopolitan :))
I feel that I can put some light on the relationship/ physical approach etc etc.
Suppose you are wearing jeans and he puts his hands at your back pocket means..he wants to know how your bum feels ..or he wants to check if you had extra cash on you
He is holding either your elbow , guiding you because you don’t know where you are going or he wants you to stay with him and not walk away with another dude.
He is leaning towards you..means you are close to him or he wants you to know that he messed up something.
His knees keep on touching your’s oh! he got it hard …in head :))
He cuddles you and puts arms around your shoulder..he is dead tired and you seem a good support..or you must know how much he weighs :))
He kisses you in public bus, he didn’t pay the conductor and is hiding or his other girl fried just got up too
Finally..he tells you he is dating only you but he is constantly messaging to another sweet heart.. means..time to leave him..:)) urghhhhhhhhhhhhhh


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