An impostor with consent

The couple had a sixteen year old daughter who was always having they had to get a hired help for taking care of their 3 year old boy. The girl who was sent from day care was doing this for college fee. Their 16 year daughter started to ask the hired help to do her assignments too, she agreed and started to earn more , as with each assignment she would get extra cash. Even if she didn’t come to take care of the little brother, online assignments were getting her extra bucks and the daughter was getting straight “A”.
Initially parents thought that their daughter was becoming serious, but when her father asked her about the topic of her assignment, she was unable to he started to hack her computer and found out that the girl was doing it all for money.
What he didn’t know was, in addition to this ..she was also dating online using his daughter’s profile..boys were turning up to meet his daughter thinking all that chat was done by her..and then dropping her she wouldn’t be able to be as clever in real.
one day.. her father made them both come to meet him ..and told them about his info..he made them realize that although temporarily the daughter is getting A in her result but she remains uneducated…with her degree..and the hired help does earn extra money..but is spoiling another person’s life and career..they both agreed and since that ended between them ..unfortunately they didn’t stop the life of an became part of their life.


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