Once again I failed

Failed… When hope is dead and lies in a coffin. You want to let someone nail it ? The tears fall endlessly and if you had a small boat..can you sail that ? If you wanted to get rich but you ended up average, can you wail ? Is life simple and there is a yes and no, but never a maybe ..will you decide then? I again felt pain, it did rain but didn’t wash away my sins or tears, as I had wished the other day..and I want to set my self free..and this cage of rules and customs that has given me too little to move and much to brood..I want to escape for me..but where should I go ..if I can is a mystery..for I have no aim nor goal..then it must be the reason why I am unhappy and why I failed again..without aim and thought..life gets boring and we forget why we are here ?
hmmmm I failed..but this is not the last time nor the first..so I am ready to try a new plan again..maybe I will fail ..but I will not stop trying to be successful


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