Sarcastic People are rude

Hurt ..ouch!… words said sarcastically remains forever.not in my mind but those who have to listen to the comments.ridicules are embedded..with..poison..long after those words pinch..prick..never tickle 🙂 Not funny..nope..just rude..aargh..bitter too. Smashed if there was a fire within and happiness was lost in a loot. Advertisements

Never met

Never Met…never met in person but heart knows each other so well . When eyes open see you right in front. Think of you every second when i am not with you, and when we are together time just flies like a bird, so fast so quick and then I miss you.It seems so right […]

Aaaah and hmmmm

Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh ..yes :)… I am a woman..100% so I am always eager about ..hmmm got that right : Since, I am matured and did read the sex advice section at Cosmopolitan :)) I feel that I can put some light on the relationship/ physical approach etc etc. Suppose you are wearing jeans and he […]

Don’t say if you don’t mean it

Don’t open your mouth ..if it is not true Don’t promise nor swear ..if it is not clear Be kind.. Be honest ..Be sweet A pleasant personality is definitely a treat Don’t yell ..don’t scream Love is butter with cream 🙂 I love all my friends… so simple so plain I feel them come […]