Who came in?

Who was here? Near close without fear I think it was you? oh dear you were here? and did not bring my shoes that’s why you disappeared 😉 Advertisements


touching like breeze heart gets chills doesn’t freeze waiting for you to reach still waiting…in peace loving this feel in winter or summer leaves fall trees sway I smell your fragrance in surrounding reply to me with a smile or kiss just write you missed if not then..sigh! was hoping for a sign 🙂 But […]

what do you want in me?

What Does A Man Desires In A Woman :))…thinking already ? I always ask, never assume because he should know what is right for him not you and is true and when I ask a man, he searches his mind to answer my question. Beauty : Beautiful smile, that is warm and true Humor :Can […]

Once again I failed

Failed… When hope is dead and lies in a coffin. You want to let someone nail it ? The tears fall endlessly and if you had a small boat..can you sail that ? If you wanted to get rich but you ended up average, can you wail ? Is life simple and there is a […]

Don’t cry just try

Tears never roll or sigh comes to release the tension with in our mind. So, many die that death has become norm! I can feel their loss, I can but does that make those who kill, feel any shame? No. Stop, don’t cry. Stop those who find ways to sell arms by killing and injecting […]

An impostor with consent

The couple had a sixteen year old daughter who was always having party..so they had to get a hired help for taking care of their 3 year old boy. The girl who was sent from day care was doing this for college fee. Their 16 year daughter started to ask the hired help to do […]

Searching for love in you

You Are The Love Of My Life… You mean everything that brings a smile I feel your caress with your lips over my eyes and as your tongue explore mine I tremble with pleasures that feel divine I know you love me,as a good heart too I want to love you..Yes I do 🙂 I […]